Sacred Geometry


 What does a shell, a flower, a human, a pyramid and honeycomb all have in common? They are all formed through sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry is a concept that is found in the structure of everything in our reality, and is referenced in every culture around the world. Famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci studied sacred geometry, hence his famous Vitruvian Man. As artists, knowledge of sacred geometry is crucial to our understanding of design, composition, form, anatomy, and much more.

 Audrey Vandermeulen is a freelance illustrator and designer from Massachusetts, where she has sold paintings at the Newburyport Art Association and the Salisbury Beach Betterment Association. Currently a student at Pratt Institute’s Utica campus, she has recently designed an innovative new font, and had her first textile design printed on fabric. She has been commissioned to design t-shirts, phone cases, greeting cards, business logos, and customized convention ID badges. Audrey’s work has a simplistic style but contains a high level of detail and a very colorful palette, with a focus on the subject of real and imaginary creatures, nature, and celestial symbols.