Introducing Jesus Christ


jesus-truth-wire-2016Introducing Jesus Christ
Different peoples, cultures, religions, and ultimately individuals have many different claims, knowledge and perceptions about one of the most well known men in history. We have been debating who He is, what He has done, and recently if He has existed to begin with. This man is none other than Jesus Christ. The information presented in this infographic is meant to engage, enlighten and inspire people from everywhere to think about who Jesus Christ is and why He matters.

nanyamka-anderson-portraitNanyamka Anderson is currently a second year art student at Pratt MWP in Utica NY. She grew up in Baltimore MD. Her love for creativity, nature and art started at early age. It wasn’t until high school that Nanyamka’s involvement in artistic endeavors truly began. She had countless exposure from MICA as well as teachers, inspiring, introducing and involving her in the world of art. During her mid high school years, she also became a believer in Christ and her love and relationship with Jesus influences her work. Nanyamka hopes to make connections that will last a lifetime, help others understand biblical truth, and be good stewards to our precious planet; all through using art.