Project Truth


WE believe in the power of communication and
that each of us has a TRUTH to share.
WE will cultivate a world where greed is not
rewarded and discrimination is unacceptable.
 WE, in a world of differences,
champion tolerance and respect.
WE shall not be bound by censorship and
we will question everything.
WE represent our TRUTH in order
to create positive change.

TRUTH WIRE 2016 crop{ project } TRUTH is an educational art movement that explores the promotion of positive social change through the creation of meaningful artwork. It is a collaborative effort inspired by the masterpieces of American artist Robert Indiana—the creator of LOVE and HOPE. Utilizing the Cindiana TRUTH (c) wireframe, individual artists design a corroborating infographic to represent their personal theme. {project} TRUTH is a cohesive collection intended to unite the artists and communicate the importance of these matters ranging from local issues to global concerns.  [link to 2016 Project]

Living with Lead: Utica NY
Utica, NY is currently number one in the state for childhood lead poisoning AND one of the smallest cities in the United States with one of the highest risks of exposure to lead. Low income neighborhoods are most greatly affected, Cornhill and West Utica are considered “red zones” in which over 64 cases of child lead poisoning were diagnosed from 1984-2004. That is at least four cases per year within one square mile of residential housing. Soil in the area has been tested and reported some lead levels as high as five times higher than what the EPA reports is hazardous to humans. Lead poisoning in children can cause issues with growth and development affecting behavior, auditory functions, and learning abilities as well as slowing the child’s growth. Lead poisoning in adults can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, the stomach, and the kidneys. It can also cause high blood pressure and numerous other health problems.

bridget-truthYour Word is Valid.
Sexual assault happens, and there is enough information trying to convince society of the facts. Honestly the statistics aren’t that important; what is important is how a survivor of sexual assault is treated. They need a certain amount of tender love and care when trying to battle such a sensitive topic. The truth is many who experience non-consensual sexual behavior also experience a decrease in their mental health. I am determined to change the way society thinks about non-consensual sex by focusing positive attention on the survivor and teaching others how to talk about it in a your-word-is-valid-and-i-want-to-help way.


Take a Hike
The National Park Service is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this year. This infographic is created to enlighten its audience about the wonders the National Parks, what they have to offer, and to hopefully encourage them to visit one. Fun facts about the parks are delivered to excite the audience about getting outdoors and taking a hike in one of our national parks!

pad-gllitterPeriod Tax
Did you know feminine hygiene products are considered a luxury item? Yes, it is, well at least in the eyes of the government. Females are taxed for having periods; products, like pads and tampons, are taxed across the globe today, but men’s razors are not. Why? Because it’s seen as a necessity. It makes sense. We, girls/women of this world are spoiling ourselves when we buy these products to stop the blood. We are treating ourselves once every month by paying more tax money. This problem affects women/girls of all ages, ethnicities, race and just any females out there.

 truth_kyoARTWORK Copyright, Registration and Fair Use
There is no clear border between artists copying and getting inspired. Copyright protects original works of authorship. It is very important for artists, designers, and other creatives to understand about copyright, both to protect works from being stolen and to avoid being accused of stealing another’s ideas. Art is automatically copyrighted at the moment of its completion, but the creators have a choice to register their artworks to be safer—and fair use can be a defense against copyright infringement.


Breast Cancer Awareness :

Thousands of men and woman are either emotionally or physically effected by breast cancer everyday. It’s a condition that is very hard to come over, but if you are able to catch it early on you have a better chance of overcoming the cancer or at least getting the best treatment possible for you. I feel that woman in their 20s don’t start taking the proper steps to check themselves for breast cancer. I feel it is either because they are scared to find out or are unaware the seriousness of breast cancer. It is a scary and touchy subject, but by shedding light on the matter we can possibly help save at least one woman of this terrible disease.


No Re[spec]t.
Many young artists and potential students are willing to do just about anything to get their works and name out in the field. But is free pitching the right way? There are other and BETTER ways to start your career! It is important to understand and acknowledge the healthy relationship that a client and artist should have. Speculative work goes against everything to the fundamental priority of entering the design industry. This infograph is for all preparing and rising artists/designers.

truthself-care guide to abortion

Self- Care Guide to Abortion is an infographic designed with the young independent woman in mind. Abortion is a topic not usually spoken about, but is just as big a part of womanhood as giving birth or periods are. 3-10 women have abortions, and of these, many experience depression, suicidal behavior and post-abortion trauma afterwards. It is important to understand that these women’s feelings, regardless of opinion on the issue, are still valid.


Log In
We live in an age where everything we need or want is at the touch of our iPhones. Our world is slowly turning completely digital even down to our social interactions. The significance social media has on this generation and the one’s to come is expanding rapidly. Today, an individual can initiate a career out of branding themselves and/or endorsing their entire product/ service on their social network. At the same time, we reflect on the lifestyles being portrayed on social media, thus causing us to compare our lives with those that are dramatically lavish/extravagant. But the central question lies, will social media essentially ruin society, or will it initiate a new digital revolution?

Sacred Geometry
What does a shell, a flower, a human, a pyramid and honeycomb all have in common? They are all formed through sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry is a concept that is found in the structure of everything in our reality, and is referenced in every culture around the world. Famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci studied sacred geometry, hence his famous Vitruvian Man. As artists, knowledge of sacred geometry is crucial to our understanding of design, composition, form, anatomy, and much more.

truthPMDD – Mental or Myth?
Many women have experienced PMS; the bloating, the cramps, the cravings, the crying. But what happens when the tiredness turns into days of missed work? What do women do when the crying turns into thoughts of suicide? PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, is a condition many women are unaware of, partly because the medical field is still so indecisive on whether or not it exists. But for women who experience the pain and suffering of PMDD, it is very much real. This infographic’s mission is to call attention to the signs and symptoms of PMDD for women who are experiencing more than just general PMS but don’t know where to turn. Let’s start a conversation and find a cure before time runs out, because for all who have PMDD, if left untreated it only gets worse.

logan-truthStop That!
What’s more regrettable than making and staying with an unfortunate habit? Bad habits are statistically proven to wind up as distractions and can seamlessly influence all that you do in your every day life. There are assortments of approaches to overcome these, for example, the notorious 21 day rule. This infographic covers more than the psychological negative sides but addresses the most positive end with respect to good habits and how they can be made at a comfortable pace and bolster your every day craft.


Child Labor
Around 215 million children throughout the world work, many full-time. They do not go to school or have any playtime. They  are denied the chance to be a child. More than half them are exposed to the worst kinds of child labor such as hazardous environments, slavery, illicit activities including drug trafficking and prostitution, as well as, involvement in armed conflict.

jesus-truth-wire-2016Introducing Jesus Christ
Different peoples, cultures, religions, and ultimately individuals have many different claims, knowledge and perceptions about one of the most well known men in history. We have been debating who He is, what He has done, and recently if He has existed to begin with. This man is none other than Jesus Christ. The information presented in this infographic is meant to engage, enlighten and inspire people from everywhere to think about who Jesus Christ is and why He matters.