Native American Life



The constant disregard for Native American life has been brought to light this year with the Dakota Access Pipeline. More often than not in American history, the Native American and Alaskan Native populations have been looked over and taken advantage of. Specifically, they have been disregarded by the media and our school system. Rarely is the real history of Native lives taught. I want the show people the unfair treatment of Native Americans on reservations while also showing the rich culture that has been oppressed since Columbus landed.

headshotWisconsin raised and New York based, Sam Jeffords is an Illustration student currently studying at the Pratt Institute’s Utica campus. Growing up in a sleepy rural town outside of Madison, Sam found her artistic voice drawing on the bench of her 4th grade softball team. Soon abandoning her uniform and bat for a sketchbook and pencils, she continued creating and never looked back. Her passion for illustration is only rivaled by interests in music and film, both of which were influenced by her mother, a horror movie buff and talented pianist. Armed with a dry sense of humor and too much time on her hands, Sam hopes to continue her studies at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and go on to write and illustrate her own children’s books.