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We live in an age where everything we need or want is at the touch of our iPhones. Our world is slowly turning completely digital even down to our social interactions. The significance social media has on this generation and the one’s to come is expanding rapidly. Today, an individual can initiate a career out of branding themselves and/or endorsing their entire product/ service on their social network. At the same time, we reflect on the lifestyles being portrayed on social media, thus causing us to compare our lives with those that are dramatically lavish/extravagent. But the central question lies, will social media essentially ruin society, or will it initiate a new digital revolution?

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Kyshan A. Wooten, a Philadelphia-based creative, is currently a sophomore studying Communication Design at Pratt Institute. Much of his influence in art derives from his encounters and experiences growing up in the significantly diverse, and continually growing City of Brotherly Love. At a young age he developed a passion for painting and drawing. This passion later sprouted to a digital form when he was introduced to the Adobe Suite Collection while attending a “Young Artist Workshop” hosted by Moore College of Art and Design. After receiving a DSLR of his own entering high school, he began shooting and manipulating the world around him through his Canon lens and the Adobe software collection. As a sophomore studying at Pratt, he hopes to continue developing his artistic skills through a realm of mediums and polishing his design skills.