Period Tax


pad-gllitterDid you know feminine hygiene products are considered a luxury item? Yes, it is, well at least in the eyes of the government. Females are taxed for having periods; products, like pads and tampons, are taxed across the globe today, but men’s razors are not. Why? Because it’s seen as a necessity. It makes sense. We, girls/women of this world are spoiling ourselves when we buy these products to stop the blood. We are treating ourselves once every month by paying more tax money. This problem affects women/girls of all ages, ethnicities, race and just any females out there.

Born and raised in Huntington, New York, Frances Chi is currently an advertising major attending PrattMWP in Utica, NY. Her work consists a blend of her Korean heritage with American culture. Through experimenting with different mediums and styles, she likes to explore various art concepts. She finds her inspiration from family, friends and most importantly: mother nature. Though passionate in creating art, she also likes spending her time in museums and hiking with friends and family.