PMDD: Mental or Myth?

truthPMDD – Mental or Myth? Many women have experienced PMS; the bloating, the cramps, the cravings, the crying. But what happens when the tiredness turns into days of missed work? What do women do when the crying turns into thoughts of suicide? PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, is a condition many women are unaware of, partly because the medical field is still so indecisive on whether or not it exists. But for women who experience the pain and suffering of PMDD, it is very much real. This infographic’s mission is to call attention to the signs and symptoms of PMDD for women who are experiencing more than just general PMS but don’t know where to turn. Let’s start a conversation and find a cure before time runs out, because for all who have PMDD, if left untreated it only gets worse.


ERIN O’CONNOR is studying graphic design at PrattMWP, with a minor in photography. She enjoys expanding her artistic repertoire by dabbling in other mediums and attending artist talks and gallery openings. Besides art, Erin has and interest in helping out her community through volunteering, especially with small children. Her hopes for the future are to use art as a way to encourage those around to promote kindness and empathy for one another. She plans on continuing her education at Pratt’s main campus in Brooklyn.