self-care guide to abortion



self-care guide to abortion

Self- Care Guide to Abortion is an infographic designed with the young independent woman in mind. Abortion is a topic not usually spoken about, but is just as big a part of womanhood as giving birth or periods are. 3-10 women have abortions, and of these, many experience depression, suicidal behavior and post-abortion trauma afterwards. It is important to understand that these women’s feelings, regardless of opinion on the issue, are still valid.

My goal with this infographic, was to present in a clean, modern and appealing aesthetic, a guide for women struggling through the aftermath of an abortion. I aspired to inform the public and people struggling through the subject, about the obstacles some may face as well as where to seek guidance.


Originally from Pennsylvania, Kristina Selinski is a current student at Pratt Institute in Utica, New York, studying Communications Design with a focus in Advertising Art Direction. While focusing on Advertising, Selinski has exposed herself to many different forms of art. As a result, her work has been recognized in Pratt Portfolios, Sewer Magazine Volume 1, The Fly Nation, and Basement Made.

Most recently, Selinski was picked as a 2017 “Student to Watch” in GD USA Magazine. A graphic design magazine that is dispersed monthly throughout the United States.

Upon graduating with her BFA from Pratt Institute,  Selinski plans to stay in the New York City area and pursue advertising at one of the top creatively challenging advertising agencies.