What is spec work?





No Re[spec]t.
Many young artists and potential students are willing to do just about anything to get their works and name out in the field. But is free pitching the right way? There are other and BETTER ways to start your career! It is important to understand and acknowledge the healthy relationship that a client and artist should have. Speculative work goes against everything to the fundamental priority of entering the design industry. This infograph is for all preparing and rising artists/designers.


Michelle Chung is a young creative studying Graphic Design at PrattMWP. She was born and raised in South Korea yet has experience studying abroad and in international schools exposing her to many cultures. She has no problem communicating fluently in English, and is a well rounded person who tends to maintain good relationships with diverse people. Also, growing up in different environments has encouraged her to see the world in many different perspectives, influencing her life and design. As a young artist, she is very motivated and open to new experiences with great passion and interest.