Your word is valid.

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bridget-truthSexual assault happens, and there is enough information trying to convince society of the facts. Honestly the statistics aren’t that important; what is important is how a survivor of sexual assault is treated. They need a certain amount of tender love and care when trying to battle such a sensitive topic. The truth is many who experience non-consensual sexual behavior also experience a decrease in their mental health. I am determined to change the way society thinks about non-consensual sex by focusing positive attention on the survivor, and teaching others how to talk about it in a your-word-is-valid-and-i-want-to-help way.


Bridget Swayne is a sophomore communications design student focusing in graphic design. Since she was sixteen she has worked as a designer; at a small print shop in New Bern, NC and at Appalachian State University branding the library. Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia she is a city girl and plans on continuing her education and career in New York City.